The Annual Technical Fest of TNU & NITMAS

7th & 8th April

About Sankalp '18

The club Techniche’ was formed in the year 2010 and the first ever SANKALP was held in the same year as well. Since then, Rising and amplifying with each passing year, SANKALP has become a spectacular world in itself. We at Techniche’ believe in learning through innovation. We strive for excellence always. Hence, this Sankalp is gonna be BIGGER and BETTER!

This year SANKALP brings you the opportunity to test your skills against a vast range of challenges. One is guaranteed a breathtaking never before encountered experience on a city-wide stage, along with the chance to portray one’s talents across different genres.

So folks, take a break from your banal day-to-day schedule and step out of our comfort zones and put your innovative minds to use. This year, push your limits and be at your competitive best to earn beautiful rewards and join us to witness the epitome of dedication and dynamism and take home a box full of memories to cherish!

Our Events



In a fight between the best and the nastiest bots in all the shape, sizes, materials and designs, hungry to destruct and distort each other, how long can you make it? Do you have what it takes to win a Ro-War?

Contact Person

  1. Beauty Bose: +91 9939455880
  2. Sourav Ghosh: +91 8768510965
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Speed doesn’t kill you, it defines you!

Bigger limitations, tougher situations and a world full of endless possibilities. Can you and your bot make it with resources that are limited, time that is running out and ideas that keep on piling?

Contact Person

  1. Amit Kumar: +91 9113465250
  2. Rittika Sharma: +91 7602265929
  3. Puja Mondal: +91 9851680537
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Fast and Ferocious!

Make the bot run through the barriers, get dizzy on the rotors, follow a path, push each other and score a goal! If you think you can get through the hurdles, get ready to be the No.1 Ro-Ball team!

Contact Person

  1. Kundan Kumar Singh: +91 9546777050
  2. Pallavi Singh: +91 8436548807
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Counter Strike 1.6

Frag or die!

“GO GO GO!“  It’s your time to “stay tight”, “hold your position”, “spot the enemy” and shoot for the first prize. Here at sankalp’18, it’s your chance to be tagged the best shooter!

Contact Person

Abhay Kumar Singh: +91 7602362990

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted

All you need to feel is… the need…. the need for speed!

Welcome to the racing world! For all you who wanna win the game at SANKALP’18 –  Let that nitrous flow through your veins! Let the thrill overcome your fears and the adrenaline push your limits! There is SPEED, there is PASSION and it’s all in your control!

Contact Person

  1. Priyam Mishra: +91 8370839345
  2. Altamash Shahid: +91 9097334339
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it’s 11, FIFA 11

The Next generation of Football is right here. Winning should be the only protocol. Kick it off And Win at SANKALP’18

Contact Person

Diptam Halder: +91 9903095178

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Mini Militia

live for nothing, Die for something!

Fly high and shoot your opponent ‘coz if you won’t, they surely will. Watch out for the bullets ‘coz even   bullets can fly! Come at SANKALP’18 and show your opponent who the real champion is!

Contact Person

  1. Sovan Halder: +91 8637558180
  2. Subham Sinha: +91 9155717191
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8 Ball Pool

Just don’t miss!

Where you look is where the ball will go! Draw for show, follow for the dough! Show us who rules the pool here at Sankalp’18!!

Contact Person

Pramit Chanda: +91 8167007720

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Code Clash

Eat – sleep – code – Repeat!

while (!( succeed = try()));

Ideas come alive when you code them. Winners gonna be the one who thinks twice and codes once!  Do you believe in the coder that you are? Prove yourself at SANKALP’18.

Contact Person

Sourav Das: +91 8348157444

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Shoot at sight!

A camera is a save button for the mind’s eye. So, don’t shoot what it looks like… shoot what it feels like! Let your words be few and your exposures be many here at SANKALP’18!

Contact Person

Sagnik Dhar: +91 8514985270

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Techy Matters need Techy Masters!

If you think you trust your techKnowledge, then come here at Sankalp ’18 and give us the future ideas that can change the world (for good ofcourse!) and take back exciting prizes!

Contact Person

  1. Supritha Chakraborty: +91 7044196563
  2. Durlabh De: +91 798068258
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Face Painting

Cause painting on the sheet gets too mainstream!

When your friend’s face becomes your very own canvas , bring out your most innovative self and bag the prizes at SANKALP’18.

Contact Person

Protulika Gupta: +91 9083865415

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Short Cut

Reel it in!

Lights – Camera – Action and there you go! “Short film, large Subject” – this is all you need to keep in mind if you wish to win at Sankalp’18!

Contact Person

Sougata Bera: +91 8609327787

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Poster Design

Make winning an art form

Design is lighting up an idea! Let it shine. Have your say through your art at Sankalp’18 . Win Prizes on spot and cherish memories later!

Contact Person

Suvekesha: +91 8240399518

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